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Scholarships Available for Masters in Sanitary Engineering

20 MSc scholarships in Sanitary Engineering are funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and will be awarded to students who wish to study the MSc programme in Urban Water and Sanitation.

The scholarships are available for the following specializations:

The BMGF contribution is equivalent to USD 25,000. This is at this moment about EURO 19,000. For more information about the cost and the cost of the joint programmes, please contact Ms Ineke Melis at:

Consequently, the foundation scholarships are only accessible for applicants who have already secured or who are about to secure the remaining matching funds.

The MSc programmes start each year in October. It is important to note that the application deadline for joint double-degree specializations is 1 May 2013. Early applications will be given preference.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates who wish to apply for this program should meet the following conditions:

  • Have a provisional admission to one of the three above listed specializations of the MSc program in Urban Water and Sanitation.
  • Be able to cover the remaining part of the total cost of the program (the total cost, inclusive international travel cost, minus USD25,000) by other means.
  • Should come from a developing country or from a country in transition.

How to apply for this scholarship?

  1. If you do NOT have a provisional admission to one of the three above listed specializations, you will first have to apply for admission.
    •      Please read the admission criteria on the relevant pages of the specialization of your interest on our website.
    •      If you think you meet the admission criteria, download the application form for admission from our website, complete it and send it by airmail with all required documents mentioned on the bottom of the application form.
    •      Under the questions about financial information at the application form, you indicate that you are interested in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship, and that you are able to cover the remaining part of the total cost of the program by other means.  
    •      Give detailed information on the type of funding you have already or are going to secure. Attach proof.
  2. If you are NOT able to cover the remaining costs you are NOT eligible for this scholarship.
  3. If you have a provisional admission to one of the three above listed specializations, and are able to cover the remaining cost please send an e-mail to your fellowship officer, Ms Ineke Melis:

Procedure after receipt of application form

  • IHE Delft will consider your application for academic admission and will check if you meet eligibility criteria for the award of the scholarship.
  • If you meet academic admission criteria, but are considered not to be eligible for the BMGF scholarship, you will receive provisional admission letter and can start looking for other sources of financial support.
  • If you do meet both academic criteria and are eligible for the scholarship you will be asked to submit written confirmation of payment for the cost not covered by the BMGF scholarship.
  • After receipt and approval of written confirmation, fellowship award letter for BMGF scholarship to the amount of USD 25,000 you will be considered for the scholarship and if you will be selected, we will send fellowship award letter and we will make all further arrangements for you to start the program.

Your fellowship officer Ms. Ineke Melis (, +31 15 2151705) will gladly provide you with more information on this scholarship.